“Saved Us A Lot of Extra Money”, Rainier View Construction & Roofing

We are so happy with the job Rainier View (Construction and Roofing) did on our roof. Their expertise & quality workmanship saved us a lot of extra money when our skylights were leaking. 5 Star review by R.M.K. of Lake Tapps, WA. 8/17/15

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“Great Property” Aspen Lodge & Cottage Cle Elum WA

What a great property (Aspen Lodge & Cottage). There were so many things to do that kept us occupied – pool, ping pong, horse shoes, Frisbee, swings, hot tub, etc. And definitely plenty of room for all of us in this big house. The only negative had to be the yellow jackets – three of us got stung and it did prevent us from using the outside activities as much as we would have liked (All Seasons Vacation Rentals). Pat F from Ridgeway, SC recommends this vacation rental.

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“They Were Tremendous”-LeafGuard Great Plains

They were tremendous. They went above and beyond. They explained everything to us; and they said that if we have any problems to call them, even if it’s not a major problem. They said that we can call as many times as we need to, and they’d come back. I loved that. The whole crew picked up more around the site than they brought out. Everything was great. I’d recommend them to anybody. I’m very satisfied with LeafGuard Great Plains. Review by Melvin C. of Blue Springs, MO Apr 21, 2015.

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“Impeccable Service and Unwavering Support” (Chad Hauer-Keller Williams)

Working with Chad Hauer was an absolute pleasure. Being a first-time buyer, I had no knowledge about what to buy or where to buy. We just needed a house in a relatively short window of time. That is where Chad came in, took the reigns, and helped me narrow down the a location and price range. Not only am I completely satisfied with my new house, but i feel like I have gained a great deal of knowledge about the housing market from an extremely reputable source. Chad also hooked me up with a financial planner who was prompt, helpful and as knowledgable himself. Nancy B 01/19/14.

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“Process Was Made Simple”-LeafGuard Boston, Ma

I had seen commercials on T.V for Minuteman LeafGuard Gutters over the years, and I’ve gotten to the age where climbing a ladder and cleaning gutters was a major concern. I finally picked up phone and called them, and they quickly made an appointment. The process was simple, the procedure was great, and the value was what I was looking for. I am a satisfied customer. Review by John B. of Plymouth, MA Sep 05, 2014.

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“Overall Experience a Perfect 10” For Wesley Inn and Suites Best Western

Makes all the difference when staff go out of their way to help the guests. I think her name was Patricia? I called her for directions From Seatac Airport to the Wesley Inn. She was very helpful. Also she was very helpful when we needed a place to eat. Love the Restaurants in Gig Harbor! There was a very pleasant young lady when we checked out. Makes all the difference when staff go out of their way to help the guests. Overall Experience a Perfect 10! Thank you. Date posted for Gig harbor Wesley Inn and Suites. 10.12.14   Gillian T

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“Adds Beauty To Home!” (LeafGuard N.Virginia)

From what I have seen I am completely satisfied. It adds beauty to the home, and they look extremely good. As soon as they get the little drips in the L’s resolved I will be completely satisfied. I am extremely satisfied that I don’t have to climb up on a ladder anymore to clean out the gutters. I appreciate the work that the installers (Beldon LeafGuard N. Virginia) did when they came out. Review by Thomas R. of Fort Washington, MD Mar 20, 2015.

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“LeafGuard Was The Best”! (Gulf Coast)

They did a fine job. They were very clear and concise in their product description and how it works. I did tons research and determined that LeafGuard (Gulf Coast) was the best. Review by Lou C. of Sugar Land, TX Feb 19, 2015.

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“A Subject Matter Expert” Kris Pisha SNMC Puyallup, WA

Kris Pisha (SNMC Puyallup) has assisted me in refinancing my house twice and I consider him a subject matter expert in the field of Banking and Real Estate. He made the whole refinancing process seamless. He is a very kind and caring person that gets the job done. I plan on using him (Kris Pisha, SecurityNational) in the future and I highly recommend him to everyone. 5/5 Stars! posted by Lawrence 1/28/15

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“Product Great, Even In Torrential Rain” (LeafGuard N.W)

Adding Leaf Guard N.W (Beldon) to my home was a pretty big investment, but after having the installation done and experiencing some pretty torrential rain, I am sold that this product is a great addition to my home and will work well for many years. I feel the investment was totally worth it! Review by Teresa G. of Bellevue, WA Jan 07, 2015.

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